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Keynote Speaker 2014

Galen Emanuele

Galen Emanuele is the president of Shift Yes and has worked with hundreds of teams and organizations as a speaker and trainer, inspiring a powerful shift in how people interact and communicate in business. He has been performing and teaching all levels of improv for over 10 years and is also a business junky with more than 16 years of experience in sales and marketing.

The ‘Yes’ Factor - Advanced communication and interpersonal behavior based on the improv concept of 'Yes, And.'

Galen's highly engaging keynote will captivate and engage the entire audience with interactive, thought-provoking exercises and activities. Participants will gain powerful skills to sharply increase positive, effective communication and interpersonal interactions. This unique, compelling content will be delivered in a dynamic, entertaining way that will have attendees laughing and enjoying this impactful, memorable experience.

Breakout Workshop
A highly interactive presentation that will dive deeper into the concepts and techniques introduced in the keynote. Participants will have a blast engaging in new, different activities in pairs, in a circle, or small groups of four or five. The session will explore how the skills being learned can be applied to a variety of business and life situations pertaining to communication, engagement, leadership, and interactions with others.

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