Preventive Programs

Prevention and Wellness Services

PWS offers professional and peer-led health education and prevention programs that can help students achieve optimal well-being, and specialized services to those who may face specific challenges such as sexual assault or alcohol and drug concerns. Other services offered address issues of sexual health, stress management, relaxation and emotional health, activity, nutrition, and general health maintenance and wellness. Old Main 560.  Call 360-650-2993 for more information and about the programs below.

Western is fully dedicated to not only supporting survivors of many forms of violence, but also to creating and sustaining a safe environment where violence does not occur. We recognize that discussing the root causes of violence is a key component in prevention. You will find resources of support for those who have experienced violence, as well as resources for how to become part of the solution on the PWS/CASAS website.

CASAS (Consultation and Sexual Assault Support)

CASAS is Western’s caring and compassionate resource to assist all students who have, at any period in their life, have been effected by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence stalking or harassment. CASAS staff work with survivors to access all available resources in an effort to ensure that students continue to be academically successful and have the support necessary to heal from their experience. Resources and support are also available to assist students that are supporting someone who has experienced an act of violence. 

CASAS assists students through the details of identifying and accessing available campus and community resources including medical and legal assistance, professional counseling and advocacy beyond CASAS, academic support and other support services.

CASAS Safe Space Training

This training is open to Western faculty and staff members interested in serving as proactive allies to Western students who may have experienced any form of relationship violence or sexual assault. The workshop explores issues surrounding relationship violence and sexual assault and teaches participants to develop listening and support skills. For more information please email

WEAVE (Western's Empowerment and Violence Education)

These Peer Health Educators strive to end oppression of all identities and foster healthy expressions of masculinity and relationships based on equality and respect. They facilitate workshops, discussions and events which address cultural attitudes about violence, and community safety, while focusing on the empowerment of all individuals. WEAVE implements programs and events that educate students about violence, consent, PWS resources, and bystander empowerment. For more information, email

Wellness Outreach Center

The WOC is a health and wellness resource center operated by Prevention and Wellness Services. It specializes in helping students find the tools to optimize their health and well-being. The WOC houses a resource library, with books, pamphlets and videos on all aspects of health including nutrition, physical health and activity, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, emotional/mental health and social justice issues. The WOC also features a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) light, free cold self-care kit, and condoms.  Many students come to the WOC for a stress-break – a cup of hot tea and a comfortable couch, or to make an appointment for a Sexual Health Information session (STI or female health consultation). VU 432, Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm., 360-650-4321.


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