Preventive Programs

Prevention and Wellness Services

Staffed by professional health educators and Peer Health Lifestyle Advisors, it offers education and prevention services on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmittable diseases, sexual misconduct, alcohol and drug prevention, relaxation, stress management, and CPR. Old Main 560. Call 650-2993. See our programs below.

Western Men Against Violence

This group of men recognizes violence in all of its forms. They are Western students who work to reduce the frequency and severity of violent acts among students, faculty, and staff. They offer programs on men’s roles in stopping sexual assault, violent crimes, and hate crimes. They promote activities that stop the cycle of violence in their lives and in the culture and support each other in finding new, non-violent forms of masculinity.

WEAVE (Women's Empowerment and Violence Education)

These Lifestyle Advisors offer women information, resources, and opportunities to get involved in breaking the silence that masks sexual violence. They work to promote women's strength by sponsoring empowering events and activities.

Will Act For Change

Performance Educators use the experiences and stories of Western students to create interactive scenes about the health and wellness of college students. Discussion and audience interaction are vital to these performances. Audience members are literally brought on stage to practice “what they would do” in real-life situations dealing with issues such as sexual health, sexual assault, alcohol and drugs, racism, homophobia, classism, sexism, and how to be an ally.

Student Self Care Center

Staffed by a registered nurse and trained Peer Health Lifestyle Advisors, it provides information, resources and referral for sexual health, HIV/AIDS and common illnesses and injuries. Campus Services Building, 2001 Bill McDonald Parkway. Call 650-2961.

Wellness Outreach Center

Staffed by a health educator and trained Peer Health Lifestyle Advisors, it provides information, resources and referral for alcohol and other drug concerns, stress and sexual misconduct issues. Viking Union 432. Call 650-4321.

New Student Services / Family Outreach

Provides students with the Viking Tips handbook and the BluePages containing important information regarding alcohol and other drug prevention; safe sexual behaviors; personal safety tips; how to contact University Police; and a directory of offices and resources. Old Main 330F. Call 650-3846.




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