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Frank Roberts, Director of Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS)

Frank Roberts
Director, ATUS

The Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS) division plays a dual role at Western. Academic Technology services focus on the effective and appropriate integration of technology into the primary teaching and learning mission of the campus. User Services highlights keeping campus user technologies as current and easy to use as possible.


Specific Academic Technology services include:

  • the provision of comprehensive classroom services
  • management of general university computer labs
  • instructional development
  • support of Blackboard and other aspects of on-line learning
  • campus-wide web services
  • multimedia materials development for instruction (video, graphics, web)
  • academic software


ATUS is also the operational arm of the Student Technology Center, managed in cooperation with the Associated Students. The User Services functions of ATUS support any use of technology by individual staff and students. ATUS is the public face of the campus for:

  • computer accounts
  • email
  • file storage
  • operation of academic servers such as the My Western portal and Blackboard.


Specific services provided to users:

  • student/staff Help Desk
  • computer maintenance
  • computer desktop consulting
  • support of wireless computing and laptop loan
  • application software training


ATUS comprises the following staff positions: 

  • Director
    • Administrative Assistant to Director


  • Assistant Director for Classroom and Computer Lab Services
    • 5 Classroom support staff members
    • 3 Computer Lab Support Specialists
    • 1 Software Specialist


  • Manager, Multimedia and Instructional Development
    • 1 Instructional Designer
    • 3 Web Support Specialists
    • 2 Training Specialists
    • 1 Video Services Manager


  • Manager, Computer Consulting & Maintenance
    • Administrative Assistant
    • 2 Help Desk Staff
    • 5 Desktop Consultants
    • 6 Computer Maintenance Specialists


  • Student Staff


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