Nakama XV
Charting the Course:
Strengthening Our Connections & Expanding Our Vision

September 4, 2003
The Syre Center at Whatcom Community College
Division of Student Affairs/Academic Support Services
Western Washington University

Program Schedule

Session Time

Session Title




8:00 – 8:50


Continental Breakfast



8:50 – 9:20

Welcome and Opening Activities

Nakama Award Presentation

Vice President’s Special Recognition Award

Introduction of New Staff

Clara Capron

Dr. Connie Copeland

Dr. Eileen Coughlin

Chris Roselli, MC


SSC 103

9:20 – 10:30

General Session

Keynote Address, Leadership: The Difference.

Professor John Sands, College of Business and Economics, WWU.


SSC 103

10:30 – 10:50

Morning Break – Beverages & Snacks



10:50 – 11:40

Workshop Session 1


Assessing Our Effectiveness as Student Affairs Professionals: Where do we start? What do we do?

Pat Fabiano

Why assessment in student affairs? Because we want to contribute to the highest quality learning environment for Western students. In this practical, down-to-earth session, we will introduce basic definitions surrounding assessment. We will also discuss two key questions that can help determine where to start and how to use assessment to increase our effectiveness.

SSC 104


Campus and Community Responses to Domestic Violence

Sarah Rankin, Devlin O’Donnell, Miranda Bayard, Michael Sledge

Domestic violence is a major community and social problem that everyone can have a role in reducing and preventing. In this session learn: what Western and the Bellingham community are doing to create positive change, what Western students are dealing with, and what you can do if someone you know (a colleague, a student, a neighbor) is affected by domestic violence.

SSC 211


Introducing the New Campus Recreation Facility

Marie Sather

You see it rising. It is nearing completion. The new Campus Recreation Facility will offer many opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to strengthen their connections!

SSC 103


Sequences of Change in the Evolution of Career and Program Development

Russ Tiberi

This session analyzes two sequences of developmental changes that have a reciprocal relationship in our work environments. One sequence is the change individuals experience as they advance professionally. The other sequence is the change programs experience as they evolve. Individuals change as responsibilities progress from structured entry level activities to complex interactions and high performance expectations.  Programs change from a simple response to a need to responding to a multiplicity of needs requiring sophisticated operational structures and efficient use of resources. This session compares the parallels between these sequences of developmental change and examines the reciprocal relationships between them.

SSC 105


Telling Western's Story: A Brief Course in PR 101

Jo Collinge

Effective public relations means working effectively with reporters, announcing your events, sharing good news, and telling the bad news well. In this session hear tips on how to best tell your story.

SSC 212


What is Diversity to You?

Kunle Ojikutu

Tom Nerini

The purpose of this interactive discussion is to understand the different meanings of the word diversity and the importance of it in the workplace.

SSC 108  

11:50 – 1:10

Luncheon in the Courtyard

Entertainment by Eagles Whistle Celtic band; Prize drawings



1:10 – 2:00

Workshop Session 2


Are You Like Me?

Jim Orr,

Toi Geil

A “Getting to Know You” Session using off-the-wall descriptions like “are you more like a river or a mountain?”.  This will be a time to get to know and become more familiar with others within Student Affairs through some structured, interactive activities.

SSC 103 


Plotting Your Course to Financial Security

Lin Nelson

University employees have options for saving for retirement. Hear important financial management topics that will help you chart your course to a sound financial future.

SSC 104


Poster Art: Market Your Events -- Refresh Your Approach

Renee Murray

Are you stuck in a rut pasting computer-generated images and letters to posters and sandwich boards? Get some ideas and hands-on experience with stamp art card techniques that translate well onto poster boards. Some one-dimensional design theory will also be covered.

SSC 108


Technology Use Collaboration

Dave Dettman,

Deborah Frost,

Karen McMains

Some departments have led the way in developing innovative ways to use technology in serving students. Join this discussion about those projects and hear how we can share and collaborate on technology related projects.

SSC 105


Westerns' Award Winning Outdoor Sculpture Collection

Sarah Clark-Langager

Western's outdoor sculpture collection features public art displayed throughout the entire campus. Internationally famous artist's works are placed to compliment the design of architecture and landscape. Find out more about the collection and some of the stories behind the works.

SSC 212

2:00 – 2:20

Afternoon Break – Beverages & Snacks



2:20 – 3:10

Workshop Session 3


Dealing with Difficult Encounters

Jim Orr,

Toi Geil

How do you work with angry customers to achieve positive results? Hear suggestions and gain hands on experience in defusing difficult situations.

SSC 211


Housing -- Home Away from Home

Karen Walker

A highlight of Housing options on campus (buildings, special programs, facilities), and a profiles of the students who come to live with us (what they ask for, who they are). Compare the past with the present, and take a look at what the future holds for Housing.

SSC 105


It's a Bird... It's a plane... It's an ESC Student Leader!

Sonia Arevalo-Hayes,

Erin Starkey

Faster than a budget cut, more powerful than a board of trustees meeting, able to leap racist and sexist barriers in a single bound, it's a's a plane... it's an ESC student leader. ESC student leaders tirelessly plan cultural events and conferences for Western's campus community, but with a price. ESC student leaders struggle to balance academic success and student leadership. This interactive session will discuss the challenges of ESC student leaders and participants will learn how student affairs offices can play an important role in retaining and graduating these students.

SSC 217


Secrets to Success - The Fab 4 Tells All

Pat Fabiano,

Lynda Goodrich,

Kay Rich,

Susanna Yunker

You don't have to be shipwrecked on a desert island with only coconuts to eat to lose weight! Hear about the course these captains of resolve charted in their weight loss program.

SSC 108


The Future of Official University Communications with Students

Connie Copeland

John Farquhar
Deborah Frost

Western has unveiled the new policy facilitating electronic communication with students as an official medium. As we expand our vision to take advantage of the new policy, let’s discuss implementation strategies and student expectations.

SSC 103


Understanding the Millennial Generation

Tina Loudon

This presentation will provide an overview of the work of William Strauss and Neil Howe, co-authors of Millennials Rising and Millennials Go to College. Come learn more about the values of the “Millennials”, how they differ from Gen X’ers and why we may need to change the” way we do business” with this new group of students.

SSC 212


What is a University to do? Dealing with Infectious Diseases on Campus

Emily Gibson,

Margaret Mamolen

A campus community is a unique environment for higher risk of contagious diseases, especially when travelers returning from foreign countries and international students are part of the daily mix in classrooms and residence halls. This discussion will focus on WWU's efforts to minimize life-threatening infectious disease on campus through immunization requirements, recommendations and medical monitoring of students, as well as some of the new infectious agents that have emerged in the last several years.

SSC 104

3:10 – 3:20

Late Day Break


3:20 – 3:50

General Session & Closing Remarks

Charting our Course

Dr. Eileen Coughlin, Vice President for Student Affairs & Academic Support Services


SSC 103

3:50 – 5:00

Reception & Grand Prize Drawings

Win a fantastic trip to Whistler or a marvelous stay at Villa Isola Bed & Breakfast in Langley.

* Must be present to win!