Viking-Series Cars: Current Projects

The latest Viking car is a tandem seat three wheeler designed to be easily producible by students during a summer course. The low-drag vehicle has the driver and passenger sitting above the large battery cavity, a 150 mm high space that extends from the front axle to just ahead of the single rear tire. The vehicles 1930 mm wheelbase and 1800 mm track width contribute to a stable platform. With a 10 kWh battery pack, the vehicle will have a 160 km range at 100 kph. A small team of students, faculty and a client have been designing the vehicle since spring of 2012. Student teams in courses including ETEC 484 and ETEC 486 contributed to market analysis and vehicle requirements. During the summer of 2013, a team of ten students in ETEC 397 fabricated a wooden plug that will be used to build a mold. A computer numerically controlled router was used to cut out ~12 mm thick plywood sections which were then attached to a rectangular wooden strong back. Lathe strips were then scarfed together to form long continuous planks that were attached in two layers to the cross sections. The vehicle will feature a low cost electric drivetrain with a $1000, 12 kW continuous, 32 kW peak motor and $700 controller. A high performance version will feature a 100 kW motor for $6000 including controller. The body and chassis are designed to be fabricated in composites using a vacuum assisted resin transfer process such that the two major components can be fabricated by a small team within a day. Students met Monday through Thursday during the summer course. Students pictured below cooked lunch daily and met on the final day to review lessons learned and create plans for the fall term. The plug is pictured below as well.

3 wheeler electric car


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