Acquisition Report

This report shows you how your visitors are finding your site.

Acquisition Report
  • Channels group the data into different categories based on a users default channel grouping.
    • Organic Search refers to those visitors that searched on terms that led to your site and does not include visits from paid advertising on the search page.
    • Direct visitors physically typed your URL to reach your site.
    • Referral and Social visitors come to your site through a link on a different site. Social means they where referred to your site specifically from a social media site such as Facebook or Tumblr.
    • Email refers to visitors who clicked on a link in an email.
  • Source/Medium groups users by the source and medium they came to your site from. This can be sorted further into just source, just medium, or keyword by changing the primary dimension under the graph but above the data table. *

    Primary Dimension Option
  • Referrals shows you where visitors to your site via referrals were referred from.
  • Network Referrals shows referrals only from social sites.

*Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are not currently providing keyword data from their search engine to protect users’ privacy. You will be able to view very limited keywords.