General Concepts and Terms for Google Analytics

Many of the metrics are self-explanatory by their title, but they are defined below for clarification. If you are unsure about a metric in the Google page, hover over the term with your mouse and Google will provide you with a definition.

Total number of sessions on your site.  A session occurs when a user is actively engaged with your website.  All usage data (Screen Views, Events, etc.) is associated with a session.
Total number of visitors that have had at least one session on your site. Includes both new and returning users.
Total number of pages viewed by users in your site.
Average number of pages viewed in a session on your site.
Avg. Visit Duration
The average time users spend on your site.
Bounce Rate
Occurs when a user enters your site on a page and leaves that same page without interacting with the site and/or page.
Total number of users that entered your site on a certain page.
Exit Rate
Rate of users who exited your site from a certain page.

Classic or Universal?

If you have an account from before 2014 you probably have a "Classic" Analytics account. The new format is called "Universal". We highly recommend using or making the switch to Universal to avoid the complication of transferring your account in the future.

Information provided by Christine McGinnis, Analytics Analyst for WebTech