Google Analytics

If your department is interested in tracking visits to your site then the most powerful free tool to use is Google Analytics. This solution does involve embedding some codes on each page of your site that you wish Google to track, so you will need to be using the Western Template, or other templating system on your site. By using a template you can put the embed codes in the template and thus readily update all the existing pages on your site as well as automatically add the codes to new pages that are created in the future. These concepts are explained more fully in the Getting Started section.

Services We Offer

In addition to our web development team, our service offers a web analytics expert who specializes in Google Analytics. This program is free and allow you to use your website more effectively. Some of our analytics services include:

WebTech will provide you with actionable data and insights into your site and its users. If you are interested in these services, please contact us at and put Analytics Help in the subject.​

Self-Help Resources

If you don't wish to use our services yet or wish to get up to speed yourself, the following links will be useful in addition to Google's information available at the Google Analytics site.