Getting Started with Analytics

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Register your email with Google Analytics

  1. Go to and click Create an Account
  2. Create a Google Account by using your WWU email address and a password just for this site (do not use your universal password).
    For university sites we recommend you use your WWU account, but for personal use tracking your own sites we recommend using a pre-established gmail account or your personal email address.
  3. Fill in the rest of the form, including accepting the Terms of Service (Note that WWU's Purchasing Department has approved this contract).


Get Tracking ID from Google

  1. Once you have confirmed your account through email return to Google Analytics by clicking Back to Google Analytics on the confirmation page.  Click Sign Up to begin entering your New Account information
  2. Enter your site’s URL in the Website URL
    • For department sites:
    • For myweb sites: or
  3. Fill in and accept all the rest of the information.  For Industry Category, select Jobs and Education
  4. Click Get Tracking ID, accept the terms and Google will take you directly to your tracking code script within your Administration page. Copy (Ctrl-C) this script for use in the next section.

Add Tracking Code to Your Site

These instructions are for the Western template. If you are using a different templating system you will need to take equivalent action.

  1. Open your site in Dreamweaver (see Dreamweaver Site Setup information).
  2. Open a template, such as Templates/full-content.dwt .
  3. In Code View, paste (Ctrl-V) the embed codes as shown.Place codes script in header
  4. Save the template file. You will see the following dialog, select Yes.Update pages
  5. Dreamweaver will cycle through all the pages on your site looking for those based on this template. When it is done you'll see the word Done appear on the dialog, it is then safe to select Close.
    Close Dialog
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each Template in your site (gallery, sidebar, slideshow, two-column, western_threecolumn and any custom templates).
  7. When all templates have been updated all your pages will have the embed codes in them and Google can start collecting data.


Verify your Google Analytics site setup

It will take Google at least 24 hours to collect data.  Check back the next day to see if the code is working. If there is no data after a few days, check your code to see that it’s in the right place.    

NOTE: Google Analytics doesn’t collect data retroactively.  You will only have data from the day you implemented the code onward.  This includes any campaign or event tracking, or filters you would like to implement.  For assistance with setting up these features, please contact WebTech and put Analytics Help in the subject line. 

Add Users to your Account

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend allowing WebTech administrative access to your account.  This ensures you will not lose any account information due to lost passwords and/or employment changes and allows our team to better assist you.

  1. Click on the Admin tab on the right in the navigation bar then go to User Management under Account.

    Admin tab

  2. Enter an email address such as in the Add permissions for box.  For webhelp and other power users, select all checkboxes in the Manage Users area so that these people can assist in managing and editing status. For those that you just want to see the data, not manage users, select Read & Analyze only.

Add permissions

Information provided by Christine McGinnis, Analytics Analyst for WebTech