Current Western Template Designs

We create and support a family of related site designs for different technologies and purposes. These are:

Western Template for HTML Sites

This design shares characteristics with both the Western Home Page and the Western College Sites Design (see below). Pages done with this template can have a custom banner at the top of the page with their unit name on it. These sites are written in HTML and CSS and are maintained using Adobe Dreamweaver. Examples of these sites include:

Responsive Western Template

This WebTech site is an example of the Western Template with Responsive HTML. Currently there is no WYSIWYG editor for this site so it is maintained with a code editor. If your site has a dedicated web developer who is comfortable with code we can help you transition to this technology. Note that as you size the browser window smaller the site redraws itself for that platform. Sites on this template work well for mobile devices.

College Design for Drupal Sites

The College Design is for Colleges / Academic Units that have transitioned to the Western Drupal system. This design is Responsive and works well for mobile devices.

Desktop View


The new College sites all have a header with the Western logo to left and Western links along top right. The college banner and nameplate are followed by the main menu place horizontally under the banner. Next follows the page name and content.


Footers on these sites all have the Western information block to right and room for custom college information to left.

Backgrounds are optional but should be subtle and will appear behind the translucent white page content background.

Mobile View

Mobile View

In the smallest mobile view (smartphones etc) banners are eliminated and the most significant information on the page is shown first.

If the user selects the menu button, the menus are expanded as standard vertical mobile menus.

You can also view a typical site, then narrow the browser window to see this in action.

College Home page

The college home page does not have a secondary menu. It is the most customized page of the site and is intended to draw attention.

College Interior page

College interior pages are just like the college home pages except that the left-most column contains the secondary menu. See graphic example

Department within a College - style 1

Department Header Style 1

If departments need to be viewed within the structure of the college, they can have a side menu for their links. See example

Department within a College - style 2

Department Header Style 2

If departments have large sites and require extensive menus, it may be appropriate to make them a subsite with their own navigation. In this case the user gets back to the college by clicking on the narrow college banner above the department banner. See example