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Drupal development is occuring at maximum capacity as we continue to develop the new college level sites and enhance the functionality of our existing sites.

Woodring College of Education was the first Drupal launch. It is a phased launch with the main college pages moved in phase one and the departments migrating to Drupal as quickly as possible in phase two. The College of Humanities and Social Science, Institute for Energy Studies, and Huxley College of the Environment, have now launched.

Source Code

Most all of our work is available online at our Bit Bucket repository. The base Drupal theme we are using for the current set of college sites are part of the WWUZEN repository. Please feel free to fork these zen sub-themes.

Site Builder Drupal Sessions

If you are building your site with Drupal, we encourage you to attend the regular Site Builder Drupal sessions. Please e-mail webhelp@wwu.eduto be added to the distribution list. Prior meeting minutes can be found on the site builder page.

Page Updated 03.24.2014