Creating a Dual Theme (for College and Department)

If your college or division has a Drupal site and you are working on integrating your site with the Drupal system a common need is site specific navigation and identity. To get this working we have a template named wwuzen-dual that you can modify to fit your site and we can then deploy within the parent site.

First Steps

  1. Retrieve the theme from Bitbucket. This will download a zip file of the theme.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Rename the directory wwuzen-dual-(department/office name) without the ().

Next Steps

  1. Rename the file wwuzen_dual_(department/office name) without the ().
  2. Open the wwuzen_dual_(department/office name) file and find line 25.
    • It should say name = WWUZEN Dual
    • Change that to be WWUZEN (Department/office name) without the ().
  3. Open theme-settings.php and replace wwuzen_dual everywhere you find it with your theme name, wwuzen_dual_(department/office name) without the ().
  4. Do the same in template.php
  5. Open templates/page.tpl.php and put your department or office name on line 121 in place of "Department of Environmental Science"
  6. In the root directory of the theme you have just created compile the SASS into CSS. $ compass compile
  7. Create a new file called .gitignore and enter the line '*.scssc' to exclude cache files from the repository.

Final Steps

  1. Send an e-mail to include your zipped up theme. Ask to have it loaded into your college or division Drupal site.