Change the banner image within your theme

Occasionally you may want to update the banner image on your website. To do so you will need to upload a properly sized image in place of the existing one. If you do not know what your theme is named please contact for assistance before attempting the procedure below.

Create the banner image at the proper size

  1. Create an image 1060px wide and 130px tall.
  2. Save the file as a PNG or JPG file.

Install the Banner Image

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Settings -> Your theme name.
  2. Within the logo image settings area click "Choose file" beneath the Upload Logo Image heading.
  3. Select a new banner image
  4. Once you have slected the new banner image you created click open to choose it.
  5. Now click Save Configuration in the upper right.
  6. Reload one of your pages to verify the new banner looks correct.