Creating a basic slideshows

A typical looking slideshow has the image and control buttons underneath it:

An image of a PDP-12 Computer in a screenshot of a slideshow.


  1. Hover over My Workbench -> Create Content -> Slideshow and click.
  2. Fill out a tile for your slideshow.
  3. Ciick the browse button to upload a photo. You can upload as many as you wish.
    1. Provide a verbose description of the image in the alt field.
    2. Fill out the title field if you would like a caption below the image.
      • Links in the caption or image.

      • If you want a link in your caption you must put in the HTML manually. For example, to link to Western's homepage, you would type the following. <a href="">Caption Text</a>.
      • You may also not include caption text and the image itself will become a clickable link. Just put in the anchor HTML. <a href=""></a>
      • Slideshow examples can be seen on our demo slideshow page.
  4. Select the apropriate group for the slideshow.
  5. Click Save.

If you wish to place the slideshow within a specific page you will need to leverage panels to do so and insert the slideshow into a panel pane.


If you cannot locate the content type Slideshow, ensure that the slideshow feature is enabled. If you do not know how to do this, please contact