Creating Accordion Menus

Accordion menus are used throughout our Drupal sites. Typically they appear on the left hand side and are used as department speficic menus. To utilize an accordion you must first creat a standard Drupal menu and then associate that menu with an accordion block.


  1. If no menu currently exists, create a menu by following steps 1-5 on the main Drupal site.
  2. Add links, if necessary to that menu.
  3. Navigate to Structure -> Blocks
  4. Locate an unused accordion menu block, often named something like Menu 2 (accordion)
  5. Click the Edit link on the right of the accordion menu block
  6. Configure the Accordion menu block. There are three configuration screens accessed by the menu on the left. Set the menu up like the following screenshots. Make sure to change the menu name to reflect your menu and choose your menu from the select list.
  7. First of three accordion menu configuration screens

    Second of three accordion menu configuration screens.

    Third of three accordion menu configuration screens.

  8. Click the "Save Block" button in the upper right region of the screen.