Configuring a wwuzen-dual theme

Once a theme is available in the appearance area of the Drupal site it needs to be configured for use with the specific department or office. This is a high-level description of the steps necessary. If you attempt the below but cannot find the links referenced you most likely need greater permissions. Please contact your site administrator to have your privileges elevated.

Enabling the theme

  1. Click Appearance in the admin toolbar
  2. Locate your theme, wwuzen-dual-(department/office name)
  3. Click enable. [Please do not click enable & set as default]

Configure the theme for use with your department/office

  1. Navigate to Configuration -> User Interface -> ThemeKey via the admin toolbar.
  2. Create a new rule for group:id. Set it equal to the department/office ID that you want the theme to affect. Then choose the theme.Configuration screen for themekey.
  3. Click Save configuration

Creating a custom homepage for the department

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to be the homepage
  2. Edit the panel via the contextual link. (It looks like a gear)
  3. Clone the panel you have accessed and name it "Department Homepage" without the quotes
  4. Change the layout if necesssary to one of the Western layouts
  5. Add in the panel elements required by the department
    • A news block may be created using the feed aggregator
    • Events need a view pane created by modifying the events view
  6. Save the panel variant
  7. Reorder the panel variant and put it just above the department variant
  8. Change the selection rule to apply only to the page you have deemed to be the homepage
  9. Modify the interior department variant selection rules to not apply to the homepage

Ensure the proper main menu is present

  1. Create an accordion menu for the main menu.
  2. Insert that menu in the navigation block region for the theme you have just enabled. Remove all other blocks in the navigation region if present.
  3. Click Save blocks