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Drupal development is occuring at maximum capacity as we continue to develop the new college level sites and enhance the functionality of our existing sites.

Our main push for 2013 and 2014 were the Colleges and their acadmemic departments. This list is almost complete with these colleges launched with their new, college-themed, Responsive (mobile-friendly) websites:

Fairhaven and CBE are in the planning stages for their new Responsive sites.

We have also assisted with several other Drupal designs and launches on campus. The Library relauched in Spring 2014 with a modified College theme, and Admissions is expected to launch with their new site in Summer 2014. ATUS also launched an experimental Knowledge Base as well as their Newsletter with our help. We also now provide a Forms and Surveys capabiity for Western sites that require more capability in their web forms. In addition we are working on a change to the Western homepage site to make it more mobile-friendly.

Source Code

Find our code at our Bit Bucket repository. The base Drupal theme we are using for the current set of college sites are part of the WWUZEN repository. Please feel free to fork these zen sub-themes.

Release Notes

Every few weeks we make a "release" documenting the tickets we have fixed in Drupal on campus. Checkout out our release page to track your tickets.

Site Builder Drupal Sessions

If you are building your site with Drupal, we encourage you to e-mail webhelp@wwu.edu to be added to the distribution list for alerts about our meetings. Prior meeting minutes can be found on the site builder page.