Installing Drupal
Using a Custom Install Profile


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Are you anxious to get started with all Drupal has to offer and base your work off of the Western supported Drupal modules? Do you want your site pre-configured with sensible defaults? Use the following procedure to get started with our college sites install profile.


  1. Ensure you have the requirements listed below in the requirements section installed and cofigured.
  2. git clone the College Sites install profile. We often install this inside of our www or htdocs directory.

    $git clone

  3. Then tell drush to build a site based on that profile. Once you execute the command it may take a few minutes to build.

    $drush make pathToCollegeSitesDirectory/collegesites.make sitename
    $drush make collegesites/collegesites.make training

  4. Copy the collegesites directory into your new sites profile directory.
  5. Navigate to your new site in a browser. For the example above on MAMP you would go to http://localhost:8888/training.
  6. Choose to use the College Sites install profile instead of the Standard or Minimal profile.
  7. Install Drupal as normal.
  8. If you are going to import a database either use the Back up and Migrate module that is available via the install profile or import directly into your LAMP stack.