Administering URL Aliases

Drupal pages are stored in a database. When we see a URL such as that page does not really exist on the filesystem. As such if a new page is created we have the ability to give it an alias meaning that a user can go to The alias is any part of the url after the first /. is an alias.

If you have the proper permissions you can override the default assignments of aliases. When editing a page look for the URL path settings tab.

URL alias configuration panel

If you do not want to bother with setting up the alias by hand, feel free to leave the "Generate automatic URL alias" box checked. If you want to override the default, uncheck the box and then type in the new URL. You do not need to include the site domain name, such as or a slash to begin the URL.

Best Practices

  • Always use hyphens - if you separate words, like in the screenshot above. Please do not use spaces.
  • Use concise language so that the URLs stay short.
  • Be consistent. If you are trying to group a set of pages together add that to the alias, such as spatial-analysis-lab/tuts/qgis
  • Do not add suffixes to the alias such as .html or .shtml.