WebTech Hiring Students for 2015/2016 School Year

We are looking to replace three student positions for next year. One will be hired for this fall, then two more will be hired for Winter term.

All positions are open to work-study AND non-work-study qualified folks. Perks of all jobs include:

  • Great team of savvy developers to work with
  • Fabulous learning opportunities
  • Work on some of the most crucial websites at Western
  • Great tools (GIT, SASS, Atlassian JIRA, jQuery, Drupal, Sublime, Adobe products)

Quotes from former student employees:

Working for [WebTech] has been a great step up from the service jobs I've worked in previously. My work is typically self-directed and collaborative. I feel like a have a great dialogue with [my boss] and with my coworkers. Good communication is critical to our mission, and it goes both ways here. Constructive input is always valued and taken seriously.
My employment for web services has been a great step up for my career, and a great way to work while in school. I would recommend it to any student who would like the chance to work independently within a broader team-based environment, all while directly helping a broad cross-section of campus communicate better.
WebTech gave me teamwork and workflow experience with tools such as GIT, SASS, and JIRA that helped me get my first professional job.