Web Standards

Western Branding and Styles

The ways we use color and the Western Logo are defined by the Western Style Guide and expanded on in the documents below. Please be familiar with these if you are creating a Western web site.

Legal Standards for the Web

Standards for web development include both our legal requirements as a public university to provide accessible information as well as those practices that we believe lead to more attractive, useable and re-useable pages. We encourage all Western web developers to become familiar with all these guidelines, build them into their site templates, and regularly review their sites to check for compliance.

Learn more about the Legal Standards for Accessibility.


As a public institution we are required to provide equal access to programs and services for our entire community. When planning or upgrading your site, review these guidelines:

Usability and Reusability

Usability means that your users will understand how to navigate, be able to access links and linked documents and use most browsers, and will be able to do standard functions like print the page or save a favorites link. This section contains guidelines on these topics