The CampusWeb Server

For information on personal websites, see MyWeb.

Other CampusWeb Info

Websites for Colleges, Departments, Centers/Institutes, and Staff/Faculty Groups are all accommodated on the CampusWeb server. The URL for these sites is Examples of these sites include:

Note that websites are defined as serving outward facing communication. If your information is for a closed group or an entirely internal work group, contact ATUS for alternate solutions such as Sharepoint or Canvas.

Getting Permissions

Create New Share

Contact webhelp and we will work with you to create a new sharename and URL. We will need to know the purpose of the website, the requested sharename, and the universal usernames of the editors.

Each share will have an AD group associated with it. The people in this group will have editing privileges. The group name is: grp.campusweb.www-wwu-edu.sharename

Add or Remove Share Editors

Web Help can add or remove users to the AD group for the share. Give us the URL of the site and the full name of the people to add or delete. If we cannot confirm your authority over the site we will contact those who currently have permissions to the site.

Getting More Space

As your website grows, you may run out of space. The space you are allocated is used by the test and prod folders, so first make sure you are not saving unused information on either test or prod. Old information that you hate to lose but are not currently using should be saved to your hard drive, or a CD or other non-web-visible space. Also make sure that original images and large videos are not stored here - we can help you find better places to house these as well.

However, if all your information is current and necessary, email webhelp to get more space and it can be done that day (usually!).

How CampusWeb works

The URLS for your site

  • Test website URL:
  • Production Site:

Each share is a folder

When you open the CampusWeb connection, you will see a folder for each share that you have editing privileges for. So if you work on three websites, you will have only one connection to CampusWeb and it will contain the three folders representing the three websites.

Each share folder contains BOTH test and prod sites

Each share folder in CampusWeb has a test and prod folder representing the test website and the production (or "live") website. In the example below the user has editing access to the planet, policies, polsci, and president shares. Inside the president share are the prod and test folders.

You are not required to use the test folder, but it is there if you wish to have the additional safety of making your modifications on test and then moving them to prod when you are ready. To start with your test folder, simply copy the contents of your prod folder to your test folder using Control-C (be careful not to MOVE the contents!).

Test and Production Structure

*Associated Students Clubs are not accommodated on CampusWeb, please contact the AS directly for questions.