Classic Western Template

Note that as of Fall 2014 there is a second Western Template available for advanced users of Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014. The "Responsive Template" conforms to Western branding and works well on phones and tablets as well as desktops. This WebTech website is developed on the Responsive Template. Contact webhelp if you are interested.

The "Classic" Western Template conforms to Western branding and provides several layouts for your site. The Template is provided to make it easy for users to create websites that meet or exceed Federally required standards as well as provide consistent branding across the university.

WebTech believes that as departmental webmasters your obligation is to provide accurate content rather than perform custom design from scratch. This template should allow you to concentrate on your content while getting the benefits of being a visually seamless part of Western's web.

Sample Sites Using the Template

Four Layouts for any page of your site

Four Template Layouts

Four page layouts

See the diagram at right of the four possible layouts that can be selected for any page in your site.

  • full-content: 700 px wide content area - too wide for heavy text, but excellent for large images or charts, or text interspersed with images
  • sidebar: a main content area of 460px and a sidebar of 220 px
  • two-column: two equal columns of 340px
  • three-column: three equal columns of 220px

A photo gallery and slideshow template are also included.

Who Can Use the Template?

Our template is available to any department, club, or individual at Western and provides the following capabilities:

  • Editors must use Adobe Dreamweaver to edit the site.
  • CSS-driven to be compatible with latest standards
  • Automated "page updated" field shows last date updated
  • Include files provide site-wide header, footer, and navigation - change it one place and the whole site is updated.
  • Works easily with Google Analytics for full site visit statistics
  • Included gallery and /or slideshow for photo albums - very easy to use and update
  • Accommodates expanding submenus (accordion)
  • Provides optional rounded corners and inset boxes
  • Search box for your local site if required

If you have questions or wish to use the template, please contact WebTech via e-mail at

Doing a personal site and want to try this yourself?

If you already have a space to put a website, such as your u drive or some other personal site, you can try this by yourself (or contact for help). For departmental sites we recommend you let us set up your initial site on CampusWeb .