How to Use the Classic Western Template

The classic template as provided is made up of these folders, the bold-named ones are the ones you can modify or add files to:

Want to try this yourself?

  • docs - pdfs and word docs
  • gallery - images for the photo gallery (optional)
  • images - images and graphics for your site
  • includes - RESERVED! only for include files that are part of the template
    • you will need to modify nav.html to create/edit your site navigation
    • you will need to modify footer.html to modify your site contact email address and contact information page url
  • resources - RESERVED! only for resources that are part of the template
    • filetypeicons - RESERVED! these are images used to display file types
    • rsv- RESERVED! your css and layout images are here - do not change or add
    • source - RESERVED! the photoshop source file for your banner is here
    • custom.css - modify this to add your own css
    • banner940x89.jpg - this is the banner image shown at the top of your site, modify by starting with resources/source/banner940x89.psd and then save as a .jpg file.
  • slideshow - images for the slideshow (optional)
  • Templates - RESERVED! Dreamweaver templates (layouts) Please do not modify these.


If you have any other questions, or are planning a Departmental site, please contact Web Help