Guide to Web Editing Software

At Western we recommend the use of Adobe Dreamweaver for editing template sites and other static web sites. Dreamweaver is compatible with the Western Template and is an industry-standard professional web editing tool. Dreamweaver is available for free use in most university computer labs.

Dreamweaver is a desktop applications. Please contact Software Services (360-650-3159) to find out how to buy and install this product on your own workstation.

Adobe Contribute is still used by some on campus, but we recommend Dreamweaver as being better accepted by our users.

Dreamweaver Resources

Dreamweaver Tutorial

Complete Dreamweaver Tutorial

Related Resources:


Contribute Resources

Legacy users only.

Brief Contribute Tutorial

Other Options

Note that these options are not compatible with the Western Template, so use at your own risk. We do not support users using these tools - you are on your own! But if you need something for personal use, here are some options.

There are not many inexpensive, powerful WYSIWYG editors for HTML on the market, but there are lots of great code editors. Here are a few recommendations:


Code Editors

(mac, windows, linux unless specified)