Western Employees in Action

Western Employees are living active and healthy lives, and are having a lot of fun while doing it! Check out what they are up to...

Jingle Bell Run 2018:

Bellingham Bay Marathon 2018 - Seven FSWP Teams Representing!!

Western Women Wrunning:

FUNdRaiser's (4th place finish):

More Cowbell:

Give 'til it Hurts (2nd Place Finish - 1st Mixed Team):

We Came in Like a REC'ing Ball:

Faster Than Molasses (with kiddos):

Team Moxie & The Man:


Dressing up for some Fitness Class Halloween Fun!
Left to Right: Mary, Kaylee, Mark, Molly, Diane & Stacy.

Advanced Cardio takes on Taylor Stairs on a true Northwest kind of day! You can't stop this group!
Back to Front/Left to Right: Emily, Molly, Max, Jenny, Linda, Mari, Donna & Tjalling.

Jeniene Bengtsson completes the Tinkerbell 10K at Disneyland and California Adventure. Jeniene and her husband had a goal to finish in an hour and we finished in 1:00:28!

Western Alumni Assocition (WWU Alumnibuprofenatics) takes on the Bellingham Traverse! From L to R: Jeniene Bengtsson: WWU Alumni office – Trail Runner, Jenny Hoover: University Advancement – Road Biker, Mary Doherty: WWU Alumni office – Greenways Runner, Chris Roselli: WWU Alumni office – Mt. Biker and Jerimiah Welch: Engineering Faculty – Kayaker

Western Human Resource employees complete the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon hand-in-hand! From L to R: Lea Aune - Assistant Director in HR, Sarah Crawford - Payroll Manager, and Chyerl Wolfe-Lee - Assistant Vice President of Human Resources.

Provost Brent Carbajal competes in the short sprints at historic Hayward Field (University of Oregon):

Donna Janigo celebrates a 2nd place finish in her division at the Chuckanut Footrace in Bellingham. She comepleted the 7 mile course in 59:32:

Renee Reynolds is getting ready for the swim in the Clear Lake Triathalon. She finished with a time of 1:44:48, which got her 1st place finish in her division:

Amber Asbjornsen is joined by her two sons as she crosses the finish line of her 1st half marathon in Whistler:

John Clark flew through the muddy mountain bike course in the 2013 Ski to Sea:

Team "Aven Construction" finished 1st in the Whatcom County Mixed division and 21st over all in the 2013 Ski to Sea race!  Western employee John Clark captained the team and was joined by 3 Western Alum, and 1 current Western student:

Western's "Managing to Maintain" placed 9th in the corporate division and 87th overall in the 2013 Ski to Sea Race.  Go Vikings!
From L to R: Dave Andrews (Kayak), Jason Sprinkle (Downhill Ski), Rick Nichols (Mt. Bike), Gary Hodge (Road Bike), John Furman (Canoe), Greg Hough (Canoe), Ty Holladay (Run) & Paul Dunn (XC Ski).

Dave Andrews rings the bell after finishing the kayak leg for the 2013 Ski to Sea Race:

Gretchen Anderson is showing her waterskiing skills on Lake Whatcom:

Krista Mantello is tearing up the slopes in the Mt. Baker Banked Salalom Locals Qualifier Snowboard Race:

Renee Reynolds runs a half marathon (13.1 miles) personal best by 20 minutes at the Run for the Honeywagon in Everson, WA:

Matt Miller represents Team Tighty Whitey in the Muds-to-Suds Run:

Tracey Finch & Liz Sipes take on the Warrior Dash 5K (3.1 miles) in Issaquah:


The Human Resources Staff stops for a quick wall sit during a staff members Birthday Walk:


If you are a Western employee, and are living an active and healthy lifestyle, take a picture and send it to us!  We would love to feature you on our page!  
Please email Darcie at Darcie.Hill@wwu.edu.

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