Employee of the Quarter

The Winner of the Wellness Employee of the Quarter Award for Winter 2014
is BOB FINCH from Fitness Class.

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Winter Quarter 2014:

  • Bob Finch, Fitness Class: Winner - Winner Profile
  • Amanda Ingram, Whole Body Fitness
  • Lindsey Crawford, MW Yoga
  • Peter Agras, TR Yoga
  • Kim Freier, NIA: Mind-Body Fitness
  • Colin Watrin, ACC
  • Sandy Fugami, Iyengar Yoga
  • Dan Lindeman, Self-Defense Fitness
  • Tonya Alexander, Zumba
  • Cindy Ferrario, Pilates
  • Courtney Hiatt, Pilates Fusion
  • Max Bronsema, Friday Pilates
  • Ellen Kuhlmann, Meditation

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Fall Quarter 2013:

  • Grace Wang, Whole Body Fitness: Winner - Winner Profile
  • Kim Marsicek, Yoga
  • Rebecca Beardsall, NIA: Mind-Body Fitness
  • Jean Furlong, Intro to Exercise
  • Emily Flarry, Fitness Class
  • Mari Bodensteiner, ACC
  • Molly Vogel, Iyengar Yoga
  • Renee Reynolds, Self-Defense Fitness
  • Carla Pederson, Zumba
  • Suzanne Baker, Pilates
  • Suzann Finch, Tai Chi
  • Ted Sealey, Meditation

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Summer Quarter 2013:

  • Dana Carr, Zumba: Winner - Winner Profile
  • Gary McKinney, Hatha Yoga
  • Kate Blizzard, NIA: Mind-Body Fitness
  • Kimberly McDaniel, Intro to Exercise
  • Mary McLauhlan, Fitness Class
  • Molly Vogel, Iyengar Yoga
  • Renee Reynolds, Advanced Cardio
  • Whitney Kiewit, Zumba
  • Barbara Stoneberg, Pilates (Kate)
  • Denise Mor, Pilates (Shannon)
  • Dina Murphy, Whole Body Fitness
  • Randi Cattarin, Tai Chi

Congratulations to all of the nominees from Spring Quarter 2013:

  • Madoka Kusakabe, PM Iyengar-Style Yoga: Winner - Winner Profile
  • Martha Mautino, Tai Chi
  • Ruth Hackler, Zumba
  • Debbie Short, Walking Group
  • Catherine Vader, Pilates (Kate)
  • Jenny Spurgin, Pilates (Shannon)
  • Deanna Kenny, Fitness Class
  • Kellie Edwards, Intro to Exercise 
  • Margaret Fast, Hatha Yoga
  • Lois Longwood, Whole Body Fitness
  • Dana Carr, NIA: Mind-Body Fitness
  • Tracey Finch, Triggerpoint

Starting Spring Quarter 2013, we implemented a Faculty & Staff Wellness Program Employee of the Quarter.  The winner for each quarter receives a $30 exercise class credit to be applied to the following quarter.

Criteria for Employee of the Quarter:

*Shows PROGRESS within the class.
*Shows consistent ATTENDANCE.
*Shows consistent EFFORT and is always trying their best.
*Shows a great ATTITUDE in their presence and approach to the class.

Each instructor will nominate one person from each class they teach (if the instructor teaches multiple classes).  All nominations will be submitted to the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program, and from the nominees, a Wellness Employee of the Quarter will be chosen.  All nominees will be notified of their nomination.  The winner will receive a $30 credit toward the next quarters exercise class registration, and a feature on the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program website.

If you have any questions, please contact Kaylee Nightingale at Kaylee.Nightingale@wwu.edu or 360.650.3386.

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