Faculty & Staff Wellness Instructors

The quality of our Faculty & Staff Wellness Program instructors is unmatched!

In the instructor bios below, each person's education and certifications have been bolded to highlight the quality of the knowledge we hold on our staff, which this translates to quality instruction for you!  There is over 200 years of exercise instruction experience between the members of our staff!

Each instructor has their own personal style and philosophy to their teaching and methods.  Come experience the quality of our instructors and register for a class today!

Darcie Hill - Fitness Class & Running Class, Nutrition & Wellness Consulting

Ron Arnold - BodyWorks & Spin

Melanie Aceves - Flow Yoga

Susan D'Onofrio - Beignning Yoga

Gina Jones - Power Flow Yoga

Maria Jenkins - Zumba

Dana Carr - NIA: Mind-Body Fitness

Kate Stevenson - Pilates, Clubbell Yoga & Whole Body Fitness

Tatyana Stahler - Pilates

Ronna Biggs - Meditation

Claudia Wang - Tai Chi/Qigong

Rob Eis - Marital Arts Skills

Richelle Williams - Swim, Spin

Caitlin Sommers - Spin

Page Updated 08.14.2018