Wellness Program Instructors

Maria Jenkins

Zumba Instructor

Maria Jenkins first fell in love with Zumba® a year and half ago.  Before then, cardio exercise was something she did because it was necessary to stay fit.  Zumba® has changed her life; not only does she enjoy this exhilarating cardio workout, she looks forward to every class.  Zumba® has reignited her passion for dance and this drove Maria to share it with her community. 

Maria is currently licensed to teach all the Zumba® Latin rhythms.  She teaches Zumba® at Bellingham Fitness and adds her own flavor and energy to make a fun dance fitness workout.  She currently provides IT support for the College of Sciences and Technology and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and is working towards a degree B.S. in Bio-Anthropology.

Come and join her in dancing the lunch-hour away!

Try out one of her classes today!

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