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Meditation and Mindfulness: A Beginner's Guide

Session Description:

After beginning a meditation practice just a few years ago, Ronna Biggs has committed to exploring ways to incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices into her life. Research in the medical and wellness communities is growing in breadth and depth about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices in a variety of settings - personal life, work life, the military, healthcare, and yes...higher education! In this session, Ronna offers an introductory explanation about meditation and mindfulness practices, focusing on the basics - the benefits, breathing, body awareness and simply how to start practicing. She will also lead a 15-20 minute meditation as part of the session. Whether you are a longtime meditator, just getting started, or just getting curious, you are invited to explore how meditation and mindfulness practices can enhance your health and wellness routines!

Presenter Bio:

Ronna Biggs has a Bachelor's degree from WWU in Sociology-Criminology, a Master's degree from Emporia State University in Counselor Education and Rehabilitation, and has been working at Western since 1997.

Over the years, Ronna has observed trends of students and colleagues experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and emotional challenges while navigating academic and work responsibilities. In exploring methods for maintaining her own personal health and wellness, she has found meditation and mindfulness practices to bring a sense of clarity and calm to her personal and work life. Ronna has been a steady meditator for a few years, incorporating mindfulness practices in her life and leading meditations in the Bellingham community. Ronna recently completed her first weeklong silent meditation retreat in January 2013.

After leading a session on meditation at the Fall 2012 Nakama Conference, participants expressed curiosity in learning more about meditation and mindfulness. During this Lunch and Learn session, Ronna will discuss the basics of the practices, offer suggestions on how to start a meditation practice, and lead a short meditation for participants.

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