Faculty & Staff Wellness Program

Nutrition Seminar Series

Couldn't attend a session?  Now you can watch them online!

Session 1: 10/5/12: The History of Diets - Myths and Trends: Not Recorded
Session 2: 11/2/12: Nutrition & Wellness - Back to the Basics Video
          *Note that in this video when Sarah refers to "last weeks session", she means last month.
          *Also, we will be using black pen next time so it is more visible on the white board.
Session 3: 12/7/12: Mindful Eating Video 
          *Handouts: Mindful Eating for the Holidays & Mindful Eating Bookmark
Session 4: 1/11/13: Dieting Craze Video
          *PowerPoint Handout: Dieting Craze
Session 5: 1/25/13: Exercise Nutrition - How are you fueling? Video
          *PowerPoint Handout: Exercise Nutrition - How are you fueling?
Session 6: 3/1/13: Health at Every Size
          *Hosted by the Body Empowerment Group
          *Sarah Richey (our Nutritionist) is on maternity leave.
Session 7: Technical difficulty.
Session 8: 5/3/13: Weight, Heath & Culture: A Time for Change with Sarah Richey!
Session 9: 6/7/13: Sleep, Stress & Weight: The Complicated Relationship with Sarah Richey   
           *PowerPoint Handout: Sleep, Stress & Weight