Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs

Flow & Power Flow Yoga

Monday & Wednesday Flow with Melanie Aceves & Friday Power Flow with Gina Jones

Mondays in the Student Rec Center Studio 201

Wednesdays in the Student Rec Center Studio 222

Fridays in the Student Rec Center Studio 201


Flow class is filled with lively, continuous movement, sweat, and music. While at times you might meet your physical edge in this class, it is also designed to be accessible and fun for new and experienced yogis. You will be encouraged to modify your movement and postures to meet your own comfort-level. Come to class ready to build heat. We will zip through Sun Salutes, embrace the power of balancing poses to build strength, and bring attention to our relationship with breath. Add this ritual to your weekly routine and watch your goals move toward you. 

In Power Flow (Vinyasa), we will focus on moving dynamically through poses as we fire up our core strength. We'll work on increasing mobility and balance while getting our hearts pumping.  Come ready to challenge yourself and to have fun on Fridays!

Location: Student Rec Center Studio 201 Mondays & Fridays, and Studio 222 on Wednesdays.

  • You DO need to bring a photo ID EVERY TIME you enter the SRC.
  • You do not need to wear shoes while in class, but please wear them while you are walking to and from the studio.


Flow/Power Flow Yoga Package  MWF Melanie/Gina $75
Flow Yoga Combo 
MW Melanie $50
Flow Yoga Monday M Melanie $35
Flow Yoga Wednesday W Melanie $35
Power Flow Yoga Friday F Gina $35

Time: Noon-1 pm 

Class Date Information: 

  • Fall Quarter Classes Start: Wednesday 9/26
  • Fall Quarter Classes End: Week of Decemeber 3rd on their respective days

No classes on Fall Quarter Holidays:

  • Monday 11/12: Veterans Day
  • Friday 11/23: Thanksgiving Holiday


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