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Martial Arts Skills

Fridays with Rob Eis in Carver 210 (Gym A)

Martial Arts Skills (formerly Self-Defense Fitness) class description:

  • This is the only class we offer in the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program that combines with our students - Students see special sign up link below.
  • Gain skills in striking, grappling, takedowns, joint locks, and submissions.
  • Learn how to use Focus Mitts & Thai Pads for a high-end workout.
  • Learn techniques with edged, impact, and improvised weapons, in addition to essential skills of how to survive a knife attack.

Who is this class for?
Anyone who...

  • Is interested in a mixture of Martial Arts that can be used for sports training or personal protection.
  • Is game to study: Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, Filipino Escrima, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Shamrock Submission Fighting.
  • Enjoys a challenge.

Participants should be prepared to:

  • Work in close proximity with a training partner and have physical contact.
  • Remove their jewelry.
  • Work out without shoes (on occasion).

    This is a once a week class with a learning curve when absorbing information. Fundamentals of striking will be explained on the first day of class. Thereafter, each Friday we will progress and build off previously practiced skills.

    It takes a few consistent classes in order for the movements to become more familiar. Unless you have prior experience, it may be hard to progress or understand the purpose of particular training methods if attendance is sporadic.

    A University of Alabama football coach named Bear Bryant once said, "It's not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."
    Fighters readily admit their match is not won in the ring or the cage, it is won in the gym. By seeking these skills, you are becoming that much more prepared. Then, should you ever have to use your physical skills, you won’t rest on conviction alone that you’ll fight back, you will have taken the necessary preparatory steps toward how you *can* fight back.


  • Toward the end of the quarter, one entire class will focus on the elements of surviving a knife attack. Why is this valuable in our setting? An FBI study conducted a decade ago called the “Crime in Schools and Colleges” showed the most commonly used weapon in more than 558,000 campus-related crimes over a five-year span was a knife.

    What to wear
    Comfortable attire that allows full range of motion. Clothing must not have exposed metal snaps or zippers. Athletic shoes that do not leave black marks on the gym floor. When using mats you must train barefoot or in socks. 

    Remove jewelry (necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, facial piercing). Prepare to remove shoes when working on the mats.


  • A majority of the exercises are partner oriented.
  • This means you should be comfortable with close proximity.
  • Alert the instructor if you prefer to only be partnered with the same gender.


Location: Carver 210 (Gym A)

Cost: $35

Time: Fridays 12-1

Class Date Information: 

  • Fall Class Start Date: 9/28/18
  • Fall Class End Date: 12/7/18

No classes on Fall Quarter Holidays:

  • Friday 11/23: Thanksgiving Holiday

Note: There is no Martial Arts Skills Class offered during Summer Quarter

How to Sign Up:

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