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Self-Defense Fitness Class

Fridays with Rob Eis now in Carver 210

Self-Defense Class description:

  • This is the only class we offer in the Faculty & Staff Wellness Program that combines with our students - Students see special sign up link below.
    • Learn to effectively protect yourself
    • Improve your fitness level
    • Reduce stress
    • Increase coordination and mental awareness
    • Gain skills in striking, grappling, takedowns, joint locks, and submissions

Click here to watch a sample video to see what you learn in "Self-Defense Fitness" class!

Instruction will help members understand when and how to defend themselves from an assault.  An emphasis will be placed on conditioning the body to withstand the demands of both sport competition and street-effective personal safety. 

Proper form is taught while participants progressively increase the number of repetitions in a variety of timed martial arts drills. Each session will build off the last. 

We begin class with a 5- to 10-minute warm-up focusing on stretching, joint mobility, core strengthening, and anaerobic conditioning. By increasing your fitness level, you improve the ability to defend yourself. You can never be beaten if you can’t be caught, and if you are not conditioned, you can be caught.

We'll use striking mitts to perfect timing, and test offensive and defensive techniques.
Students will learn basic strikes and footwork, then a wider variety of punches and kicks, followed by knee and elbow strikes.

During an attack, falling or getting taken down to the ground is a possibility. Knowing how to fight back intelligently from the ground is critical to escaping the situation. Portions of the course will address this.

Overall, this class provides many opportunities to cooperatively train with a partner through creative, interactive drills. There will not be any type of sparring.

What to wear:
Comfortable attire that allows full range of motion. Clothing should not have exposed metal snaps or zippers. Comfortable running or workout shoes. 
Remove jewelry.

Location: Carver 210 (fromally Gym A)

Cost: $35

Time: Fridays 12-1

Class Date Information: 

  • Begins: 9/29
  • Ends: 12/15

How to Sign Up:

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