Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs


Tuesday Pilates with Kate Stevenson in SRC Studio 201

Thursday Pilates Fusion with Kate Stevenson in SRC Studio 201

Friday Pilates with Tatyana Stahler in Carver 280



Beginning/ Intermediate Mat Pilates will focus on core movements that stretch, strengthen and balance the body.  This class will bring body awareness through a fluid series of movements and breath work. 

This class is first and foremost about creating balance in the body. We will use mindful concentration to create precise and integrated, whole body movements geared towards strengthening, stretching and releasing muscles. Breath will be used as the connective tissue between movements to create smooth, rhythmic movement. Increased functionality will be enabled through realignment of the bones and repatterning the muscles to create lasting change in the body's effectiveness in everyday movement and life.

Thursdays will now give a little different flavor as Pilates Fusion:
This offers the benefits of both Yoga and Mat Pilates for a great stretch balanced with core strengthening exercise. This class is great for the beginner as well as anyone looking to bring energy, strength, and length into their body.

Please bring your own mat and wear comfortable clothing. No shoes necessary.

Class Locations:

  • Tuesday Pilates with Kate:Rec Center Studio 201
  • Thursday Pilates Fusion with Kate: Rec Center Studio 201
  • Friday Pilates with Tatyana: Carver 280

Pilates Package Options:

Pilates Package TRF @ SRC/Carver - Kate & Tatyana (TRF 12-1) $85
Pilates Combo TF @ SRC 201 & CV 280 -  Kate & Tatyana (TF 12-1) $65
Pilates/Pilates Fusion Combo TR @ SRC 201-  Kate (TR 12-1) $65
Pilates Tuesday @ SRC 201-  Kate (T 12-1) $35
Pilates Fusion Only @ SRC 201 -  Kate (R 12-1) $35
Pilates Friday Only @ Carver 280 - Tatyana (F 12-1) $35

Class Date Information: 

  • Fall Quarter End Dates:
    • Tuesday Class: 12/12
    • Thursday Class: 12/14
    • Friday Class: 12/15
  • Winter Quarter Start Dates:
    • Tuesday Class: 1/9/2018
    • Thursday Class: 1/11/2018
    • Friday Class: 1/12/2018
  • Winter Quarter End Dates:
    • Tuesday Class: 3/20/2018
    • Thursday Class: 3/22/2018
    • Friday Class: 3/23/2018
  • Vacations: Rooms will still be reserved for self practice during these days.
    • No Class on one Friday (TBA) - Tatyana is unavailable
    • No Class on Tues 1/16 and Thurs 1/18 - Kate is unavailable

Time: All Pilates classes are Noon-1:00

How to Sign Up: Click here!

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