Faculty & Staff Wellness Programs

Whole Body Fitness

with Kate

Mondays in Carver 240/250
Wednesdays in Student Rec Center Studio 201


Description: This class includes several formats of exercise for participants of all levels. Each class will include cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises to benefit the entire body.

Location: Carver 240/250 (formally Gym C) & SRC Studio 201

  • You DO need to bring a photo ID EVERY TIME you enter the SRC.


  • $50 for Monday/Wednesday Combo
  • $30 for Monday only
  • $30 for Wednesday only

Time:  Noon-1 pm  

Class Date Information: 

  • Summer Quarter Ends: Mon 9/18
  • Start: Monday 10/2, Wednesday 9/27
  • Ends: Monday 12/11, Wednesday 12/13
    • Note: Kate is gone Mon 11/13 and Wed 11/15 so there will be no class these days. Room will still be reserved for self practice.

How to Sign Up: Click here!

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