Wellness Programs

Currently Offered Programs
(Updated for Spring 2019)

We strive to offer quality exercise classes with quality instruction!

Our offerings are diverse:

  • Classes run during the noon-1:00pm hour
    • "Hour-long" classes will run 12:05-12:50pm to provide transit time
    • We offer one half-hour class (Meditation) from 12:15-12:45pm
  • We use many locations on campus:
    • Student Rec Center (SRC): Studio A (222), Studio B (201) & MAC Court,
    • Carver (CV): Gym A (210), Gym C (240/250) & Gym D (280),
    • Old Main 435, Miller Hall 152, & other outside classes that meet at various locations around campus.
  • We offer classes for very beginning exercisers, all the way to advanced fitness gurus, and everything in-between!
  • All of our classes are geared toward Western's population needs and time constraints.

Spring Quarter Class Dates: Tuesday 4/2/19 - Friday 6/14/19
  • Class dates may vary, so make sure to check each class page for full details.
  • If your classes are located in the Student Rec Center (SRC):
    • You do NOT need to purchase an additional membership to attend classes, but you can to use other parts of the facility. Your registration in the Wellness Class gets you into the SRC for that hour on the allotted days.
    • You may use the bathroom and locker room while you are there for your class.
    • You DO need to bring you WWU Staff ID every time you enter the SRC in order to get to your class.
  • If your classes are in Carver and you have questions about locker rooms or shower use, follow this link: https://westerntoday.wwu.edu/news/carver-lockers-for-faculty-and-staff-available-sept-27



Spin Class

Running Class

Coached Swim Class

Triathlon Package

Lap Swim

Fitness Class

Whole Body Fitness


Martial Arts Skills - Fall & Winter Terms ONLY

Tai Chi


Beginning Yoga

Pilates & Clubbell Yoga

Flow & Power Flow Yoga

NIA: Mind Body Fitness


Group Sing: The Treble Makers


Badminton - A NEW offering!!!


Below is a breakdown of all classes, spaces, and packages:

Other Wellness Offerings

Wade King Recreation Center Membership

Free One-on-One Nutrition & Wellness Consultations

Nutrition Seminar Series

Lunch 'n Learn Series


Hold Harmless Agreement

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