Western Window TV

Episode 50

June, 2017

This month’s show is hosted by Chris Roselli of WWU’s Front Door to Discovery program and Rahwa Hailemariam, a student at Western. Following is the story lineup for this episode:

  1. A Lifetime of Achievement – Lynda Goodrich is a Western legend – more than 400 wins over her 19 seasons as the women’s basketball coach and nine team national championships during her 26-year run as athletic director ... and she’s a Western alumna to boot. (1:02)
  2. Ignoring the Northwest Weather – Western’s cycling team is driven to perform and advance the sport – even during our oft-rainy winters. (8:36)
  3. Campus Hyperlapse – Check out this amazing hyperlapse of Western's gorgeous campus– a time-lapse compilation where the camera moves between each shot – done by WWU students Morgan Stilp and Dominic Yoxtheimer. (10:57)
  4. Energy Symposium – WWU recently hosted a symposium on the future of energy in the transportation sector, kicked off by Gov. Jay Inslee. (11:56)
  5. Earth Day: Locust Beach – About 50 Western students and residents visited Locust Beach for a cleanup effort on Earth Day, removing everything from plastics to old furniture. (17:15)
  6. A New Movement – Hip-Hop Theatre brings the rhythmic beats of traditional hip-hop and combines it with storytelling to form an entirely new and unique voice. (21:07 )

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