June 13, 2013

Special Session Ends

The first special session came to an end on Tuesday with the House and Senate still in disagreement on a final budget package. Governor Inslee called for the second special session to begin at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, June 12.

In a press conference the Governor was critical of the Senate and expressed his concern that if a budget is not adopted by July 1 the law will not allow state government to continue operating fully. Senator Rodney Tom, leader of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, said he doesn’t believe that is going to happen.

Today marks a total of 137 days of Legislative Session in 2013, with one short break in between the end of the regular session and beginning of the first special session. As the Senate and House search for common ground to reach a budget agreement, two charts released on Tuesday showed a strong disagreement over who has made more compromise in negotiations.

Regarding higher education, discussions around funding levels, tuition levels and authority, resources for STEM expansion, and other relevant budget language are ongoing as the Senate and House proposals still differ on their approach to how they provide for higher education.

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