Team Roster

Western Women's Ultimate is a university club sport that competes throughout the school year. We encourage all ladies to come out and play. Never played before? Don't worry about it, a majority of our team never played ultimate before they found Chaos! In the fall we focus on making friends, developing basic skills, understanding the game, and having fun! We play in tournaments throughout the year and strive to get better each game.

We improve all year with the hopes of doing well in the D1 College Series, which consists of Conference (Cascadia), Regionals (Northwest), and Nationals. The Northwest is one of the strongest regions in the country when it comes to Women's college ultimate and in the 2013 D1 College Series we placed 6th at Regionals, falling short of a bid to Nationals, but we did play some dang good ultimate.

Join us. Embrace the madness.

2012-13 Season


  • Alyssa Weatherford
  • Bren Byerley

Team Captains:

  • Lindsey Miller
  • Callie Mah
  • Serene Hastings


  • Abbie Abramovich
  • Chehala Andriananjason
  • Hannah Besso
  • Alea Clymer
  • Melina Edgerton
  • Ariel Edwards
  • Laurel Graham
  • Michelle Hanneman
  • Serene Hastings
  • April Hayden
  • Colleen Horntvedt
  • Jessa Karp
  • Alysa Kipersztok
  • Emily Lasselle
  • Callie Mah
  • Lindsey Miller
  • Kelsey Mork
  • Anna Nakae
  • Courtney Odell
  • Natalie Powell
  • Anne Washington
  • Kaitlin Webster
  • Rosemary Widenor
  • Alex Zeiler

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