Campus Floor Plans

Below you will find floor plans for all Western Washington University Academic buildings.

Please visit the Campus Buildings page for additional building information and links to the campus GIS map.

All floor plan PDFs are formatted for 11x17 printing. In addition to individual floor plans, there is now a PDF that includes all floors!


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Academic Instructional Center - East (AI)

Academic Instructional Center - West (AW)

Admin. Services Building (333 - 32nd Street) (AC)

Aerobic Facility (WT)

Alumni House (AL)

Armory (AR & AS)

Arntzen Hall (AH)

Art Annex (AA)

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Baseball Field Service Building (SB)

Biology Building (BI)

Biology Greenhouse (BG)

Birnam Wood (BW)

Bond Hall (BH)

Bookstore (BK)

Buchanan Towers (BT)

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Campus Services (CS)

Canada House (CA)

Carver (CV)

College Hall (CH)

Commissary (CM)

Communications Facility (CF)

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Edens Hall (EH)

Edens North (EN)

Environmental Studies (ES)

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Fairhaven Academic (FA)

Fairhaven Cabin (FS)

Fairhaven Complex (FX)

Fine Arts (FI)

Fraser Hall (FR)

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Haggard Hall (HH)

Harrington Field Multi-Purpose Building (MU)

Higginson Hall (HG)

High Street Hall (HS)

Highland (HI)

Humanities (HU)

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Lakewood (LW)

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Mathes Hall (MA)

Miller Hall (MH)

Morse Hall (CB)

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Nash Hall (NA)

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Old Main (OM)

Outback Pavilion (OP)

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Parks Hall (PH)

Performing Arts Center (PA)

Physical Plant (PP)

Physical Plant - Maintenance Garage (MG)

Physical Plant - Maintenance Warehouse (MW)

Physical Plant - Marshalling Yard (MY)

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Recycling Center (RE)

Ridgeway Commons (RC)

Ridgeway Complex (RW)

Ross Engineering Technology (ET)

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Science Math & Technology Education a.k.a. SMATE (SL)

Shannon Point - Academic Program Building (SM)

Shannon Point - Boat Storage (SS)

Shannon Point - Caretaker's Residence (SR)

Shannon Point - Commons (SC)

Shannon Point - Housing (SD)

Shannon Point - Marine Center (MC)

Shannon Point - Marine Education (ME)

Shannon Point - Seawater Pump House (MD)

Shannon Point - Pump House 2 (MQ)

Sinclair Island (SI)

Steam Plant (SP)

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Viking Commons (VC)

Viking Union (VU)

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Wade King Student Rec. Center (SV)

Washington State Archives Building (AB)

Wilson Library (WL)

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