2011-2013 Legislative Appropriations and Reappropriations

Academic Services & Performing Arts Facility

(Project ID 30000424)

Fund Code Source Prior Expenses Reapprops New Approps Future Biennia
065 Local     350,000 53,552,000
TOTAL FUNDS: $53,902,000

The Academic Services & Performing Arts Facility project proposes to construct a building of approximately 80 to 100 thousand square feet on the land presently occupied by High Street Hall, Parking Lots (11G/25G) and Canada House. The building would provide the College of Fine and Performing Arts performance space to accommodate music, theater and dance, instructional support space for a Scene and Costume Shop, and general academic classroom and support spaces. As envisioned at the time of the budget request submittal, the facility would also provide a centrally located space for Student Admissions Services.

Predesign Design Construction
$350,000 $5,056,000 $48,496,000
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