2011-2013 Legislative Appropriations and Reappropriations


(Project ID 30000510)

Fund Code Source Prior Expenses Reapprops New Approps Future Biennia
065 Local     3,614,000  
TOTAL FUNDS: $3,614,000

The Preventive Facility Maintenance and Building System Repairs appropriation is provided solely to maintain facilities housing educational and general programs and to maintain its major building systems and campus infrastructure.

Building maintenance, mechanical adjustments, repairs, and minor works for the facility or its major building systems and campus infrastructure must extend the remaining useful life of the facility or keep it safe and functioning normally. Historically, this type of funding has been appropriated to the operating budget. However, legislative action during the 2005 session resulted in an appropriation shift to the capital budget. The legislature decided to continue this funding shift through 2011-2013.

2011-2013 FUNDING: $3,614,000
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