2015-2017 Legislative Appropriations and Reappropriations

North Campus Utility Upgrades

(Project ID 30000426)

Fund Code Source Prior Expenses Reapprops New Approps
057 State 2,862000 600,000  
065 Local 120,000    
TOTAL FUNDS: $3,582,000

Reappropriation of 2013-15 North Campus Utility Upgrade into the 2015-17 biennium to facilitate completion of the project which upgrades the existing north campus 4,160 volt electrical distribution system to a looped 12,470 volt system pursuant to the 2001 Utilities Master Plan. The existing distribution system is a radial feel network and failure in a critical location could cause an outage that lasts days instead of hours for the affected buildings. Buildings connected to the north campus system are Old Main, Mathes Hall, Nash Hall, Higginson Hall and Edens Halls (both North and South).

2015-2017 FUNDING: $600,000*

* Amount approved by legislature. Final reappropriations will be based on actual expenditures and available in November 2015.

Page Updated 08.30.2017
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