2015-2017 Legislative Appropriations and Reappropriations

Performing Arts Exterior Renewal

(Project ID 30000428)

Fund Code Source Prior Expenses Reapprops New Approps Future Biennia
057 State 2,560,000 387,000  
TOTAL FUNDS: $2,947,000

Reappropriation of 2013-15 Performing Arts Exterior Renewal into the 2015-17 biennium to facilitate completion of the project. The exterior cladding and roof systems of the Performing Arts Center have deteriorated to the point where they are adversely impacting the building occupants (the College of Fine and Performing Arts faculty, staff and students). The large stucco wall of the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall has developed cracks and water staining, soffits are in need of repair and steel windows require replacement. Access to preserve the exterior is complicated by a portion of the building that overhangs the Garden Street By-pass road, approximately 25 feet below.

2015-2017 FUNDING: $387,000*

* Amount approved by legislature. Final reappropriations will be based on actual expenditures and available in November 2015.

Page Updated 08.30.2017
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