Over the last several months, the University has been finalizing plans for the 2015-2017 Capital Budget Request process and updating the 2015-2025 Ten-Year Capital Plan.

Potential major (over $5 million) and intermediate-sized ($2 million to $5 million) projects for initial consideration in the Ten-Year Plan have been discussed with the Vice Presidents and the Capital Development Working Group. The Vice Presidents and the Capital Development Working Group are currently in the process of gathering information on those projects.

It is now the time to develop and submit 2015-2017 minor capital requests. The form is available at:

As with previous biennia, the forms will be routed from individuals to their supervisors, chairs or directors; then to their Planning Unit Leaders; and finally to their Vice President.
Deadlines for those submittals are as follows:

November 15

To be fully considered, individuals should have submitted their requests to their Supervisor, Chair or Director. (On this date, Facilities Development & Capital Budget and Space Administration will begin verifying scopes and developing Order of Magnitude cost estimates of requests in the system to support the decision makers below)

December 6

Supervisor, Chair or Director should have submitted their recommended requests to their Planning Unit Leader

December 20

Planning Unit Leaders should have submitted their recommended prioritized requests to their Vice President

January 10

Vice Presidents must have submitted their recommended prioritized requests to Facilities Development & Capital Budget

After November 15, the submitted forms will be available for viewing on this website and sorted by form number, division, or building.
Requests should support the University's Strategic Goals and college/divisional Six-Year Plans.

If you have any questions about the process or how to fill out the forms, please contact:

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