Migrating BI Query 9 queries and reports to BI Query 10.2

Retrieving and Publishing

The BI Query server stores a copy of the data model along with associated queries, reports, and database connections. The first step when running BI Query is to retrieve the data model from the server. The retrieve then writes the model, queries, and reports to the local hard drive. Any existing files with matching names are overwritten but the folder itself is not cleared out. Therefore, when a model is retrieved from the server there may be queries and reports on the local drive that only exist locally.

Within BI Query there is the option to publish. Publishing is a way to store these changes where they can be readily retrieved and are backed up. This will write the contents of the user folders to the server where they are stored and associated with the user's id. A user can build new queries and reports. It is also possible for a user to store queries and reports on the local drive structure. Some users store queries and reports in their shared P: drive.

Downloaded File Directory Structure

Old XP root location: c:\Program Files\Hummingbird BI\Downloaded Documents

New XP root location: c:\BI Query

New Windows 7 root location: c:\BI Query

Within these folders there are sub folders for each data model. Most users will only have a Dataw data model. Under the data model there are two sub folders named Admin and User. The Admin holds the model, queries, and reports that are published to the server by Administrative Computing. The User folder holds any queries saved by the user and any reports saved by the users. If the user saves and publishes any reports they will be retrieved here.

Migrate your user files from BIQuery 9 to BIQuery 10.2

In addition to the new downloaded document folder location, all user published data will need to be re-published. Once a query or report is opened and saved in the new version, they can no longer be opened in any prior BIQ versions.

If you you have published any queries or reports check the folder location(s) where you have saved the source files. Also, check the folders listed below for any files.

Copy the queries that are located in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Hummingbird BI\Downloaded Documents\Dataw\User\Queries to C:\BI Query\Dataw\User\Queries folder on the Windows 7 machine.

Copy any reports that are located in:
C:\Program Files\Hummingbird BI\Downloaded Documents\Dataw\User\Reports to C:\BI Query\Dataw\User\Reports on the Windows 7 machine.

If you have migrated any queries follow these steps to publish the model to the server

  • In BI Query, Select File, publish from the menu.
  • Check the permissions.
  • Publish

If you have migrated any reports you need to use the separate BI Query Reports program to publish them.

  • Open BI Query Reports from the start menu.
  • Run the report using parameters that will retrieve no data.
  • Publish the report.
  • Repeat as necessary for any other reports.
Page Updated 11.13.2017