Academic Advising Center

Advice for Dismissed Students Planning to Petition for Scholastic Reinstatement

The Scholastic Standing Committee considers clear evidence of the ability to succeed academically to be a critical factor when reviewing petitions for reinstatement. Before petitioning for reinstatement, students who have been academically dismissed and want to return to Western Washington University (WWU) are expected to do the following:

  • Meet with an academic advisor to develop a plan for reinstatement.
  • Take at least two quarters away from WWU.
  • Enroll in transferable coursework at a community or technical college or four-year college/university.
  • Earn above average grades in coursework.
    ***Four or more classes are required for Path One – Guaranteed Reinstatement***
    ***Two or more classes are recommended for Path Two – Committee Review Reinstatement***

Your performance in coursework taken after dismissal is a key factor in the committee’s evaluation of your readiness to return to WWU and succeed academically. Consider your time away from WWU as an opportunity to reflect on your academic work to date, assess your skills and interests and develop realistic, achievable goals. Greater self-awareness will help you prepare a strong personal statement and increase your chances of academic success when you resume your studies at WWU.

Advising for Dismissed Students
It is strongly recommended that all dismissed students planning to petition for reinstatement seek advising soon after dismissal. Advisors in the Academic Advising Center can explain the reinstatement process, help you consider your academic options and provide instruction on how to put together a strong petition. Departmental advisors can explain major declaration requirements and procedures or, if you are a declared major, help you map out a plan to successfully complete your degree when you return to WWU. If you have previously submitted a petition for reinstatement, you must meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center before petitioning again.

NOTE: If you have been away from WWU for five or more consecutive years, see Fresh Start information below.

Academic Options for Dismissed Students
As stated above, it is expected that you successfully complete some college level coursework before petitioning for reinstatement in order to demonstrate your ability to succeed academically. Options include:

  • transferable coursework at a community or technical college or four year college/university.
  • WWU coursework through Extended Education (summer session, online term based and/or self-paced courses) taken as a non-matriculated student. This option provides the opportunity to improve your WWU GPA prior to reinstatement. Learn more about Extended Education courses online at: Please note: Degree Program offerings at Western’s satellite locations are not available to academically dismissed students.

What the Scholastic Standing Committee Looks for When Assessing Readiness for Reinstatement:

  • A well-written personal statement.
  • Good grades in completed coursework taken since dismissal (Your petition must include transcripts).
  • Coursework that will transfer toward GUR/degree requirements at WWU.
  • A clear and realistic plan of study (It is recommended that you work with an advisor to develop this).

Fresh Start
Under an option called Fresh Start, undergraduate students who have been away from WWU for five or more years’ (including summer classes and coursework through Extended Education) may be given permission to start a new cumulative grade point average. Meet with an advisor first before enrolling in WWU coursework. The Fresh Start deadline is the end of the first week of the quarter in which the student returns. Contact the Registrar’s Office for Fresh Start application information.

Petitioning for Reinstatement

Note: Important! We are in the process of updating the documents on this page for accessibility. If you require assistance with any documents that are not yet accessible, please contact Lisa Megard at

Students who have been dismissed and want to return to Western Washington University (WWU) should plan on taking at least two quarters away. It is expected that dismissed students will enroll in classes at a community college or four year college/university and earn good grades to prove their ability to succeed academically. The reinstatement petition process is not designed to provide reinstatement immediately following dismissal.

Paths to Reinstatement

Path One - Guaranteed Reinstatement
Students qualify for guaranteed reinstatement if they meet ALL of the following requirements:
1. Complete a minimum of 4 classes at the 100 level or above all of which have to be graded (i.e., not pass/fail) and transferable to WWU, and
2. Complete a minimum of 15 credits, and
3. Earn a cumulative 3.3 GPA in all coursework taken since dismissal

Path One-Guaranteed Reinstatement Petition Form

Path Two – Committee Review Reinstatement
Students who do not meet the requirements for Guaranteed Reinstatement may submit petitions for review by the Scholastic Standing Committee. It is recommended students applying for Path Two have earned above average grades in at least 2 courses. (Students may opt to take this path in the first place.)

Path Two-Committee Review Reinstatement Petition Form

Petition Deadlines

Petitions for Path One - Guaranteed Reinstatement are accepted on a rolling basis up to the Friday before classes begin (the Thursday before if Friday is a holiday). Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss the best quarter for returning.

Petitions for Path Two - Committee Review Reinstatement are due on the following deadlines. Postmarks accepted. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, petitions will be accepted the next business day until 5 p.m.

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
April 6 &
July 6
October 6 January 6 April 6

Decision Timing: Unless otherwise notified, an official decision letter will be sent to the email on your form:
Path 1: Within five business days of receiving your complete petition materials.
Path 2: By the end of the month of the petition deadline.

Petition materials accepted in person or by mail to:
Academic Advising Center, Old Main 380, 516 High Street, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225-9029
OR email to: