105-Credit Registration Holds

Western requires students to apply to or declare a major by the time they complete 90 credits. Students who have not declared a major or pre-major by the time they complete 105 credits (including transfer credits) are required to communicate with an advisor prior to registering; a registration hold is placed on their accounts to ensure they do so. More information about this policy can be found in the University Catalog. A student with a “105 hold” may clear it by completing an Online Major Plan or by declaring a major or pre-major:

Online Major Plan

  • The holds are placed during the third or fourth week of the quarter, and students are notified by email that they may submit an Online Major Plan (link provided in email example) until about two weeks before registration opens.
  • The form asks for detailed information about their progress towards a major. An AAC or SOS advisor will review the information to determine whether a student’s hold should be removed, based on their progress and direction.
  • Responses to Online Major Plans are emailed to students within one week of receiving their plan; some students must also meet with an advisor in person before the registration hold will be removed.
  • Departmental advisors may email Carissa at Carissa.Bane@wwu.edu to request holds be released for students they have met with.

Declaring a Major

Students who have declared a major may have the hold removed in one of the following ways:

  • Meet with an advisor in the AAC.
  • Fill out the Online Major Plan, selecting the option that starts “If you have already declared your major…"
  • Meet with an advisor in the major department; the advisor may email Carissa that the student has declared (Carissa.Bane@wwu.edu); the hold will be removed at the end of that business day.
  • The Registrar’s Office may remove the hold after processing the student’s blue card (not applicable to CBE students).


  • Students with a 105 hold may still withdraw from classes through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students who have completed between 74 - 104.5 credits will receive an Approaching 105-credit hold email, notifying them that the hold will be placed if they have not declared a major by the time they complete 105 credits; students receiving the warning email will not have a hold that quarter.
  • Students transferring to WWU with 75+ credits receive a New Transfer Student Approaching 105-Credit Hold email the first quarter, not a hold.