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Voyager Fuel Card

The Fuel Card is a University issued VISA fuel card. The fuel card is to be used for purchases when using Western Vehicles or rented vehicles for Western Business. Fuel cards may not be used to fuel personal cars even when conducting university business. Employees may request reimbursement for mileage if using personal vehicles. The following items are approved for purchases with the Fuel Card.

  • Fuel
  • Emergency Towing and Assistance
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Additives, such as motor oil, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, etc.

For Emergency Roadside Assistance call 1.800.356.9316

Who to Contact

For questions about approved items or spending limits please contact your department’s Card Custodian

Treasury Services, Fuel Card Administrator

OM404, MS9026

Voyager Customer Services

Fuel Card Purchases Must be Monitored

Card Custodians are required to:

  • Reconcile Receipts with monthly charges on a monthly basis
  • Document reconciliation with date and signature
  • Contact Business Services when discrepancies appear
  • Report any concerns of unusual or inappropriate activity to the Budget Authority or Financial Manager

Budget Authorities are required to:

  • Review reconciliations and logs on a monthly basis
  • Document reviews with date and signature
  • Promptly report concerns to the Financial Manager (See POL-U5315.25 Reporting Loss of University Fund or Property, when applicable.)

Random reviews will be conducted by Card Services. Active accounts with no activity for 12 months will be reviewed for cancellation.

Roadside Assistance

As a fuel cardholder, you have access to the National Automobile Club Fleet Rescue roadside assistance. Should your vehicle become disabled, services is dispatched to assist you 24/7. You can receive faster services by calling the number on the back of the fuel card. Or can call 1.800.356.9316. Any necessary services will be billed directly to your Voyager Fleet Card, with no out-of-pocket expenses required.
Fleet Rescue will help with:

  • Towing
  • Jump starts
  • Tire change
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel and water delivery
  • Mechanical first aid

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