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OneCard Visa Credit Card Program

Cardholders who travel and purchase goods/services now have a single card versus two. The OneCard is a University liability VISA card provided through JPMorgan Chase that can be issued to permanent Western employees. Transactions are reconciled through the PaymentNet system. With the OneCard, you may purchase allowable goods and services directly from the vendors. The OneCard also allows an assigned cardholder to pay for authorized travel expenditures while in travel status.

For more information on the OneCard please follow the link below:
Additional OneCard Information

Fuel Card (Voyager)

Mock-up Fuel Credit Card

Voyager Fuel Card

The Fuel Card is a University issued VISA fuel card. The fuel card is to be used for vehicle related purchases when using Western Vehicles or rented vehicles for Western Business. Fuel cards may not be used to fuel personal cars even when conducting University business. Employees may request reimbursement for mileage if using personal vehicles.

For more information on the Fuel Card please follow the link below:
Additional Fuel Card Information

Corporate Visa Travel Card

The Corporate Travel Card may be issued to a permanent employee to pay for travel related expenses only. This card is an individual liability card which means the card is issued in the employee’s name, the cardholder receives the monthly statement, and is responsible for making payment directly to the credit card company. The employee must then request a reimbursement from the University. Using the corporate travel card to purchase personal, non-business related expenses is strictly prohibited. The Corporate travel card is issued on a limited basis when the OneCard approval process creates a conflict of interest.

For more information on the Travel Card please follow the link below:
Additional Travel Card Information

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